Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete my application before I turn 18?

You must be at least 17 years of age and have graduated from high school or have a GED when you apply for the program.

Do I need to have a Driver’s License to apply or be in the program?

Photo I.D. is required at the time of application. Upon acceptance into the Apprenticeship program, you are required to have reliable transportation to the Training Center and to any job-site to which you are assigned.

What are the steps for application and acceptance?

The process consists of three phases: Online Application, Assessment Testing and Interview. See the “Application Process” tab for more information.

What are the expenses to the Apprentice during the program?

There are minimal expenses for the Apprenticeship. For specific program wage information, click here.

Can I earn college credits?

Yes! Once you have completed the apprenticeship program, you will have earned 45 credits toward an Associate degree through Washtenaw Community College. You will only be 15 credits away from a college degree! Click here to view the programs that they offer. To view an online brochure, click here.

How much per hour will I earn as an Apprentice?

All Apprentices enter at a given wage rate and receive increases as they move successfully through the program.  For specific program wage information, click here.

Can I have my transcripts sent in prior to submitting my application?

Yes, please submit your required documents as soon as possible. Transcripts must remain official (in sealed envelope from the school or with the school seal pressed into the paper). Electronic transcripts are also acceptable, however, they must also remain official and can be accepted from the originating office.

How does related experience in the field and related classroom instruction apply to this program?

Please contact us to discuss your specific prior experience.

Does my experience in the Military apply to this program?

We have programs for active military transitioning into civilian trades through Helmets to Hardhats and UA Veterans In Piping (VIP). Please contact us to discuss your specific experience.

Where do apprentices work?

Apprentices are placed with one of our signatory contractors for paid on-the-job training. Plumbers Local 5 covers all of Washington, D.C. portions of the state of Maryland, and portions of the state of Virginia. For more information regarding our jurisdiction, click here.

Still have questions?

Contact the main office at (301) 552-3505