Each year an Apprentice works and attends related training classes increases the value of the apprentice to the employer. The pay structure is based on the Journeypersons hourly wage with increases of 5% every six months completed until year five.

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
Straight Time$22.05$26.95$31.85$34.30$39.20
Time & One-Half$33.08$40.43$47.78$51.45$58.80
Double Time$44.10$53.90$63.70$68.60$78.40
Shift Work$25.36$30.99$36.63$39.45$45.08
Shift Time & One-Half$38.04$46.49$54.94$59.17$67.62

The current rate for licensed Journeypersons as of August 1st, 2023 is $49.00 an hour or $101,920.00 a year in your pocket.

This does not include the fringe benefit package which raises the total wage of a licensed journeyperson plumber to $71.76 an hour or $147,440.00. The annual wages are based on a 2,080 hour year. In addition to these wages the Apprentice receives benefits including Medical Coverage and Pension Plan. By providing a structured wage progression the apprentice is able to plan out their future and receive the benefits of hard work and determination.